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Latest Updates from ISCOM

Michigan Oudhia/Qurbani for November 2011

The Islamic Shura Council of Michigan (ISCOM) is pleased to announce the Michigan Oudhia/Qurbani for November 2011. This year ISCOM is teaming with the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan (CIOM) in an effort to coordinate and streamline future cooperation.

Last year about 30,000 pounds of meat was donated and distributed to hundreds of needy families. Also thousands of pounds of meat were donated to the Gleaners food bank of Southeast Michigan and distributed to soup kitchen in Detroit metropolitan area.

Please help support this worth project and help thousands of needy locally.

To view or download our Oudhia form, please click here.

To buy your Oudhia/Qurbani please visit our donation page.

Day of Goodness 2011

The Islamic Shura Council of Michigan is pleased to announce that the annual Day of Goodness 2011 will be on Sunday April 24th, 2011 at the Tawheed Center 29707 West Ten Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI 48336 at 5:00 PM.

The Keynote speaker this year will be Dr. Sherman Jackson, Professor of Islamic Studies at University of Michigan. Dr. Jackson will soon be leaving Michigan to teach in California so please benefit from this great scholar of Islam before he leaves Michigan.

The Day of Goodness is a day on which the Muslim community in southeast Michigan comes together in support of its own by supporting programs that are important to all the community.

The funds raised will support the following projects:

  • Muslim Family Services
  • Muslim Social Services
  • HUDA clinic
  • Food pantry program
  • Maintaining the houses of Allah fund
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Humanitarian day for the homeless and other worthy programs

To buy your ticket on line please click here.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please call, Raheem Hanifa at 248-881-2420 or Dr. Jukaku Tayeb at 586-246-7821 or Dr. Mouhib Ayas at 248-705-9137.

To be part of this great program you can also donate on line by clicking here.

Michigan Food Pantry Program

Michigan Food Pantry ProgramThe Islamic Shura Council of Michigan is launching a new but badly needed program to help those in need. The Michigan food pantry program is collaborative effort between ISCOM and Michigan Gleaners Food Bank.

The money raised will be used to buy food supplies at discounted prices from the Gleaners food bank. The food will be distributed through distribution centers at various Islamic Centers and organizations in the Detroit area to people in need.

The program is a year round program so donors are asked to donate monthly if possible. The money collected will be used to purchase food supply for the following month and therefor the program is zakat eligible.

Please do not forget to sign up to our mailing list so we can send a monthly reminder.

To make a monthly contribution to this project, Please click here to download the donation form. Please fill out and mail to ISCOM.

To make one time donation to this program please click here.

Ramadan Volunteer Day

Day of Goodness 2010

The Ramadan Volunteer day on August 14, 2010 was a great success. Sixty-four Muslims volunteers devoted an entire afternoon to packing nearly 20,000 pounds of food to help feed hungry neighbors at Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit on Saturday, August 14, in honor of Ramadan.

The Gleaners food bank October newsletter has a very nice article about ISCOM volunteers day. Cick here to read.

ISCOM would like to thank our community for participation in this event and ask Allah SWT to reward all who helped make it a sucuucess. It is through these kinds of activities that we can help shape a bright future for the Muslims community in North America.

To view photos of this event, please click here.

Maintaining the Houses of Allah Fund

Maintaining the Houses of Allah FundWe are all familiar with exquisite mosques full of grandeur and glory. However we often forget of mosques that are in poor condition which produce filling of anguish and sorrow. Such mosques often have attendees who pray and worship not only under conditions lacking aesthetic value but in conditions where safety and comfort ability is at risk.

The maintaining of the houses of Allah fund will seek to restore such mosques in Michigan to an exceptional level of aesthetic and safety quality, whether it is restoring leaky ceilings fixing utility infrastructure or improving general mosque condition.

To donate please click here.

Michigan Oudhia/Qurbani for 2009

Update: PBS recently featured ISCOM oudhia distribution in a brief report. Please click on the following link to view it: PBS.org Eid al-Adha Coverage.

The Islamic Shura Council of Michigan is please to announce that the Michigan oudhia program for 2009 was a great success with 657 lambs were donated and about 34,000 pounds of meat was distributed to needy families and to soup kitchens in southeast Michigan in partnership with the Gleaners food bank for southeast Michigan. ISCOM would like to thank Allah SWT for his blessing and the community for its generosity.

Grains of Hope Project

Meeting the great challenges facing the Muslims community requires collective effort. As Allah says in the Quran "Help each other to goodness and righteousness (5:2)". The Grains of Hope Project is a step forward to achieve this goal.

It brings the community together to support projects important to all of us. It streamlines and unites our efforts to support many worthy projects in a single contribution.

It aims to make use of the power of many. Like the raindrops, drop by drop forming rivers and lakes that flow to nurture the plants and creatures of this earth. Your contribution dollar by dollar will make a great difference in the life of many and help secure a great future for Muslims in this country through acts of compassion and mercy.

The Grains of Hope Project donations will help support the following projects:

  • Muslim Family Services
  • HUDA Clinic (Free clinic run by Muslims)
  • Day of Dignity (Formerly Humanitarian Day)
  • Soup Kitchen

No donation is too little or too small. Please act now to support this effort. May Allah reward you for your generosity.

Please click here to contribute.




Bringing out the Goodness of the Community for the Betterment of All

The Islamic Shura Council of Michigan works to provide coordination between and build cohesiveness among the Islamic centers, Mosques and organizations in Michigan. The council will work for the betterment of all Muslims, to advance Muslim interests, promote Islamic values; it will use "shura" in its decision making process and strive to learn from the experience of each other.


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